Ensuring your Third Party Provider operates cost effectively and efficiently

Assurance that your third party provider is adding value to your business

Efficient service

Smooth process

Valuable guidance

Not all providers offer the most value to you

Every Trustee wants assurance that they’re getting the most cost effective and efficient firm who can add value to their pension scheme for the required service. However, switching providers is no easy task as you have already built a relationship and they know your business. In addition, switching providers can cause difficulties for your team to perform their required work and can leave you feeling frustrated and anxious.

At Assure UK, we can help you get the assurance you need in cost effective manner.

At Assure UK, we specialise in pension schemes so you don’t have to teach us your industry

Our team has over 60 years of experience between them and so they will provide you with the confidence that you are getting the most value out of your current service provider. We understand the difficulty of changing providers and aim to alleviate any frustrations this process may cause.

That’s why, for almost two decades, we’ve offered valuable guidance that has ensured our clients are getting the most value out of their service providers. We are:

  • Approachable
  • Cost-efficient
  • Always delivering to agreed time-frames

Timely Process

We will work together to agree timescales for the project and also deliver on these targets. We will communicate effectively so the project doesn’t overrun.

Expert Support

Our team has extensive experience in ensuring your third-party providers are the right fit for you. We will be on hand to support you and provide you with the confidence you need.

Efficient Method

Our proven method will save you time and money. This will leave you with the knowledge that you have appointed a well-managed pension audit partner that gives you the assurance you need.


Outstandingly efficient service representing very good value for money.


The most efficient and helpful auditors I have worked with.


Smooth management of audit process and great value for money!

Assure UK's Awards, Credentials and Registrations

How can you get expert guidance on choosing the right service provider for you?

  • 1 Book a meeting. We will discuss your current needs.
  • 2 Get a proposal. We’ll work out the best way we can support you – that meets your time frame.
  • 3 Get the results you need. Know that you have appointed a flexible and well-managed pension audit partner that makes the process easy.

Choosing the right provider for you shouldn’t cause you unnecessary worry and stress

You run the risk of rocking the boat when changing providers, we get this. You and your team also shouldn’t be having to carry out the work that your provider should be performing. Avoid overruns and poor levels of service by appointing Assure UK to be your auditer; you will be in safe hands with our service provider review template that will ensure the process is hassle-free. We will ensure that you receive expert support and everything is delivered on time. Gain peace of mind in the knowledge that you are in safe hands.