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Obtain a professional risk register review process delivered by a knowledgeable and flexible independent auditer

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The risk register review process doesn’t have to be stressful or put you under unnecessary pressure

Every Trustee wants to demonstrate to their stakeholders that their risk register includes all relevant identified risks and that the risks have been appropriately assessed with sufficient mitigations. The issue that a lot of Trustees face is a lack of time and resources to perform this sufficiently; couple this with the increasing amount of pressure on Trustees from the Regulator and other stakeholders, and it becomes clear that your time and resources are stretched thin. The larger firms can also be bureaucratic and slow to respond and offer technical support for new external risks which may affect the organisation.

At Assure UK, we believe carrying out a risk register review process doesn’t have to feel like an overwhelming task when you don’t have the time or resources.



Very timely and professional service, delivering the accounts in a short space of time having been appointed well into the seven month period.


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Trusted by some of the UK’s largest pension schemes

We understand the importance of providing assurance to your stakeholders that your organisation is up to date with relevant risks and that they’ve been appropriately assessed with sufficient mitigations in place. Our team of pension accounting experts with over 60 years of experience can guide you through the risk register review process, providing quick responses and technical support. They will work out a plan to support you that best meets your needs and also work towards an agreed timeframe to relieve the pressure on your time and resources.

Here is what you get with Assure UK…

  • Expert support
  • Efficiencies on your time and resources
  • Stress-free service that relieves the pressure
  • Peace of mind that you have appointed a flexible and knowledgeable independent auditer

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Our highly professional and experienced team are well versed with the problems that you face when going through the risk register review process. They will offer you support throughout the process to relieve any pressure.

Efficient Service

Due to our experience, we have multiple efficiencies in our systems and processes that will save you time and ensure your resources are not stretched too thin.

Delivered on Time

Communication is key when working towards deadlines. Our friendly and professional team will agree on timeframes and work diligently to ensure that there are no overruns.

Apex AAF 02/07
Apex AAF 02/07

Helpful, adaptable, reliable and easy to work with

How you can get a stress-free risk register review process

  • 1 Book a meeting. We will discuss your current situation.
  • 2 Get a proposal. We’ll work out the best way we can support you – that meets your time frame.
  • 3 Get the results you need. Know that you have appointed a flexible and well-managed pension audit partner that makes the review process easy every year.

The risk register review process shouldn’t cause you needless stress or be a burden on your time and resources

Don’t miss out on new business because of a lack of time and resources to perform a risk register review sufficiently.  We’re here to provide expert support that’s delivered in a timely and resource-efficient manner, to relieve the pressure from you.  You can be rest assured that you will be in safe hands and your risk register will be up to date with all relevant risks.

Book a meeting with Assure UK to avoid unnecessary stress.