Recruiting via mobile channels

In today’s mobile world, more and more people are using social media services like LinkedIn to search for jobs. In order to find the best potential candidates, businesses need to take advantage of this trend. Here are a few tips and ideas you can use to help you find your next new recruit:

Post Jobs on Social Media

In addition to listing vacancies on your company’s website, post them to social media sites. LinkedIn is a favourite among recruiters, and many job seekers will use LinkedIn’s search functionality to find their next role. Facebook is less business-focused, but people may still look at company pages for jobs. Many businesses also use Twitter to post messages such as, “We are hiring! We are looking for a talented [job title] to join our team. Click here for more information.” The “click here” can then be a link to your company website with full details of the role and information on how to apply.

Use Mobile-Friendly Online Applications

Jobseekers should be able to fill out their online application using their phone or tablet. Potential applicants generally want to be able to apply for jobs directly from their mobile devices. If your firm doesn’t already have a mobile-friendly application page or system, you should revise your page so that it is responsive (works on tablets, phones, laptops and desktops), doesn’t require too much typing and lets the applicants easily upload their CV and cover letter. If you are using LinkedIn to advertise a job vacancy, you can even set up the job listing so that the applicant can click on an “apply now” button and then apply using their LinkedIn profile as their CV. This makes it much easier for candidates to apply for the role.

Use an applicant tracking system

Each application you receive should ideally be automatically entered into an applicant tracking system. Not only will such a system ensure that you have all applications on file, it will also organise applicant’s CVs and cover letters. Your online application can have fewer forms, which are annoying to fill out on a mobile device, because an applicant tracking system can read and organise any documents that applicants upload.