Providing your audit and assurance services better than ever from our homes

Remote working

During these tough times of Covid-19, Assure UK understand the importance of continuing to deliver the services we promise to every one of our clients. Lockdown has allowed the team to adapt the procedures of our audit and assurance projects to maintain a smooth process from the comfort of our homes. Technology is forever growing and at Assure UK we have implemented numerous processes and platforms to continue business remotely which we believe will be useful for you and your team.

Microsoft Teams

For us and many other business, Microsoft Teams has provided an insight into the future of business and remote working.

Microsoft Teams is a secure encrypted online communication platform which allows collaboration internally and externally wherever you may be. Microsoft Teams provides various functions such as workspace chats, video conferencing and file exchange. A key application provided by Microsoft Teams which has allowed us to continue our normal day-to-day working and stay in contact with clients is the screen sharing facility. The screen sharing function has enabled efficient completion of testing and communication with team members throughout home working and has considerably influenced the way we do business.


ShareFile is a file exchanging application which sends notifications to team members and clients when new fileshave been uploaded or downloaded.

ShareFile is easy to use with a drag and drop service and is time efficient by allowing you to bulk download files unlike other file exchanging products. ShareFile has allowed clients to provide evidence and documents to us from home which we would usually obtain and observe during sight visits.


RightSignature has been an essential application for Assure UK throughout working from home for both internal and external uses. RightSignature is an online signing platform which allows you to review and sign documents on your phone and laptop without the requirement of a printer or opening of attachments.

Signing of accounts and reports have been never been more time efficient, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly, eliminating postage time, costs and use of paper.

We are intrigued and would love to know what other applications and processes you have used to continue working easily from your home.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 020 7112 8300 alternatively you can email