At Assure UK, we believe that the very best service comes from dedicated specialists committed to excellent client service.




We provide personalised pension scheme audit and assurance services that make a difference

Over the last decade, we have helped over 1,000 Trustees and their advisers save time, money and overcome perceived indifference in the market.

We deliver high quality technical audit and assurance services to UK pension funds and through our work we seek to make a difference to our community and wider ecosystem.


Our history

I'm Gareth Burton, CEO of Assure UK. I founded Assure UK in 2012, at a time when being a boutique practice of specialist pension scheme auditors was new for pension scheme Trustees, and setting up a registered auditor could be done fairly easily with a few thousand pounds. Today, increased regulation and complexity has changed the lives of pension scheme Trustees in ways we couldn't have imagined back when I started my audit career in 1995, and there's plenty more to come!

Assure UK's Awards, Credentials and Registrations

Our Clients

We’re a small firm with mighty ambitions to be famous for our client service. Our client service strategy focuses not only on delivering technically excellent audit and assurance services for pension schemes, but also on building strong relationships with our clients and continually improving our systems and processes for their benefit.


Helpful, adaptable, reliable and easy to work with

Y/E 31 December 2020

Assure UK were very responsive and gave clear explanations to their reasoning throughout the process.

Dinesh Visavadia

It is a great team with highly professional members and plenty of experience.  Commendable style of dealing with clients and very courteous


B Corp

We’re proud to be on track to be a certified B Corp organisation.

You can learn more about B Corp organisations here.

Assure UK started its B Corp accreditation in September 2022 and are working towards submitting our application by the end of 2023. Our application covers our performance in the five key behaviours and governance structures – Workers, Customers, Suppliers, Community, and the Environment – as set out by the B Lab entity.

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The well-being of people encompasses all of our stakeholders; our team, customers, suppliers, and communities affected by our business operation. Assure UK is a business that prioritises people’s values, fair and inclusive practices, promotes team member well-being and development, ensures customer satisfaction, and engages with the local community to create shared values

  • Our purpose is to inspire clients in the pensions industry by helping them obtain the assurance they need in an affordable way and make life easier.
  • We are always growing and learning to achieve greater results.
  • Every day is a school day, and we are looking to improve.
  • We act professionally and respectfully at all times.
  • We care for our team, customers and everyone we connect with.
  • We have a fun and positive attitude.
  • Make every day enjoyable and meaningful.
  • We are committed to apprenticeships and growing our team from within.