Make decisions and get away from trouble

If you have ever postponed making a decision, this article is especially written for you.

Making regular decisions is by far the most successful way of getting away from trouble. Yet there is a world of difference between knowing this and actually making those decisions that hold us back.

There are many reasons why we might delay. Here are just a few:

  1. a) “It’s not that bad”
    b) “I don’t want to interrupt or irritate them”
    c) “There is the risk of spoiling a good relationship”
    e) “It’ll get better, I know it will. It can’t be as bad as that next time.”
    d) “This situation is bad, but it’s the same for everyone else.”

There is much written about making decisions. Here are some rules that we have noted to effective decision making.

  1. Clearly establish what you want
  2. Acknowledge your ‘mother hens’– Those beliefs we all have that hold us back. For example, lack of money, it will be hassle changing, it won’t make the difference I expected, etc.
  3. Look for role models – what have other people done to achieve the success you are looking for. If possible, speak to them or obtain a testimonial to see what a difference it made
  4. Take massive action – Act now!
  5. Learn from your decisions. What’s good about this. Save time, money and pain.
  6. Stay committed to the decision, but flexible in your approach. Don’t get rigid.
  7. Don’t forget. Celebrate when you’ve achieved your goal!

Here’s how following the simple rules outlined above helped one of our clients.

  1. They needed their accounts completed by the end of July but found that their current advisors could not fit the work in until the end of September. They therefore needed to find another auditor.
  2. They perceived that only a Big Name firm could offer the expertise and experience they needed.
  3. They met Assure UK and then spoke to our peers and obtained references from our clients.  They heard about the real distinction in service and service quality that Assure UK offers
  4. The trustees met and decided to take action. They agreed to appoint Assure UK
  5. They found that following our straightforward appointment guide made it easy to switch

As a result, they achieved the following:

  1. They obtained their signed accounts by the end of July and found tools to make the accounts preparation process more efficient in future.
  2. They achieved our 30 Day Challenge and sounded delighted!

The conclusion:
The trustees wanted their accounts by the end of July. They got them!

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