Make an ‘about us’ Video

Most websites have an “About Us” page to provide visitors with information about the business such as who the Directors are, where the company was founded, its values and its mission.

Incorporating some video content can really bring the business to life and make it more real to website visitors.

A good ‘About Us’ video is a powerful and valuable tool that can be used in many ways, from marketing and branding to recruiting and educating. The ‘About Us’ video can send a strong message about the company, its values and what it does for customers and staff of the firm.

Search Engine Rankings
Google and other popular search engines like video content. Adding video content to your site which is relevant to your firm’s area of expertise will help your firm to rank higher for related search terms. By adding new video content and updating videos regularly you will continue to influence your firm’s ranking positively, thereby making it easier for customers to find you.

Your brand is much more than your logo or corporate colours. Your brand is what your customers say about you and your business. Along with the homepage, the ‘About Us’ page is often one of the most visited pages on a website. Visitors want to know about the people behind a product or service and obtain a deeper understanding of the people they will be dealing with if they choose to engage with the company.

When people hear about a company’s job vacancies, they will visit its website and check out the ‘About Us’ page. Having a video that prospective applicants can watch is a great idea, as they can get a feel for the company including its values and mission. An ‘About Us’ video can also be used to communicate the achievements of the firm’s staff, the business’s approach to corporate responsibility, community engagement, diversity, etc. These are the things that create the culture of your firm which is very often what makes people want to work there.