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What’s wrong with most pension audits?

Too many pension audits fail to meet trustee expectations because they simply do not keep them informed. The time, effort and money put into producing the audited accounts feels like it is going down the drain. Why does this happen, again and again? The truth is, performing an effective pension scheme audit – one that…


Three common pension contribution deduction pitfalls

Three common pension contribution deduction pitfalls In Assure UK’s capacity as external auditor and adviser to a number of company pension schemes we have been involved extensively in testing pension contributions deducted from payroll to ensure they have been made accurately. If you are a Pension Scheme Trustee or HR / Payroll Manager here are  some key…

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Building confidence needs a solid framework

Building confidence needs a solid framework I believe that the increasing number of areas of subject matter desired for assurance is building a renewed assurance framework.  In doing so new areas of assurance are built and older ones restored. The need for assurance stems from our need for re-assurance and confidence in the data we…


Who is going on the Assurance journey?

Who is going on the Assurance journey? There are many different types of person who want assurance and they want assurance over many varying things. Despite these differences they all believe a skilled professional should be giving the independent opinion. People naturally seek assurance. The 3 key categories for assurance are data, processes and controls and reporting. Within…