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Supporting DC Members

Amongst concerns that the value of some defined contribution (DC) pots has fallen, The Pensions Regulator (TPR) released a statement in January 2023 stating that savers must be supported during economic volatility. With the rising cost of living, savers under financial stress may be more susceptible to pension scams and fail to make long-term decisions…

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The Rise of Pension Cyber Scams and How to Stay Safe

As technology advances it is becoming increasingly important to ensure your cyber resilience meets the everchanging regulations. In day-to-day operations, businesses rely heavily on technology and data which is why fraudsters use this to their advantage to disrupt, corrupt and extort data for financial gain. Trustees must be prepared and ensure their pension scheme members…

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Are you trying to juggle too much at once as a Pension Administrator?

Pension administrators have a lot of additional projects to be considering at the moment such as GMP equalisation and the Pensions Dashboard and it is important to stay on top of changes whilst also juggling your everyday work. Trustees and scheme sponsors should be providing assistance in supporting the ever changing processes for pension administrators.…

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AAF 01/20 Preparation Checklist

AAF 01/20 Checklist Here’s a handy AAF 01/20 Checklist, that we’ve put together after hearing from various people in the assurance reporting community that they were interested in learning about the steps, at a high level, they need to take in completing their AAF 01/20 Report Type I or Type II. We will give you…

About assure UK

Combatting Pension Scams using Communication

With the rise of pension scams, understanding the risks and communicating them effectively is crucial for prevention. As we move further into an age of online presence, the need for active scam awareness is growing. How significant is the issue? “Cyber attacks may be the biggest threat the financial sector faces today” – JP Morgan…


How to minimise your pension scheme’s risk with Leverage-Driven Investments (LDIs)

In April 2023, The Pensions Regulator (TPR) published updated guidance to trustees of pension schemes on using Liability-Driven Investments (LDIs). In this blog, I will summarise TPR’s guidance,  explore what it means to you as a trustee, and showcase how Assure UK can help you meet your governance and monitoring goals as part of a…

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UK’s First CDC Pension Scheme Authorised by The Pensions Regulator

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has assessed and authorised the UK’s first Collective Defined Contribution (CDC) pension scheme with many more lined up to be introduced. This is a landmark authorisation from TPR and shows how the regulator is pursuing its strategy to embrace innovation to help meet pension savers’ needs. The minister for Pensions, Laura…


A look into the increased focus on climate and ESG non-compliance

The Pension Regulator (TPR) is increasing its focus on climate and environmental social governance (ESG) non-compliance, but what does this mean for you as the Trustee and your scheme? TPR is in the process of launching a regulatory initiative in Spring 2023 to ensure the reporting of ESG by Trustees meets a required standard. Part…

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SORP Update

The Pensions Research Accountants Group (PRAG) has published new guidance to update the current SORP used for the Scheme Report & Accounts. The recommendations of this SORP are applicable for all Scheme years commencing on or after 1 January 2025 and will replace the current SORP 2018. Much of this SORP is based on the…

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Why Are Your Pension Scheme Auditors So Important?

Pension Scheme Auditors Pension scheme trustees need experienced, adaptable, and personable pension scheme auditors providing timely information with proof of real benefits. And, they want to be informed – not at the end but throughout the audit process. The facts about pension scheme auditors: An independent survey carried out by a leading firm reveals that…

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Assure UK Client Listening Feedback – Applying Client Feedback

 Our last couple of blogs have featured our client listening programme. There’s little point in carrying out a listening exercise if you’re not going to make any changes as a result of the feedback and we want to show our clients we truly listened to them so here’s what we’ll be doing differently as a…

Client Feedback Exercise

Client Listening Exercise – What did we learn?

 Assure UK recently posted about the client listening exercise we undertook which checked-in on our service levels and put us in a position to be better prepared to support our clients through their future challenges.  We had no reason to think our clients weren’t happy but nevertheless, this was an important commitment to us and our…