It’s Not Easy Being Green

There are numerous factors that independent corporations must take into consideration when attempting to combat the ever-growing concerns surrounding climate change. B1G1.

As an independent auditing firm, we have taken a step in the greener direction by establishing a relationship in Kenya through the thriving, Non-profit agency, Buy One Give One (B1G1). This symbiotic connection is beneficial to both of us, Assure UK, and the civilians of Kenya.

B1G1 states that the concept is ‘straightforward’ and that for “Every purchase from a company results in a donation to a chosen recipient community (typically individuals in a less wealthy country)”.  We are honoured to note that “It has almost been a year since Assure UK fully implemented” this scheme. When our clients at Assure UK sign off on their Annual Report & Accounts, a tree is planted in honour of this pivotal moment.

Visit the B1G1 Homepage here.

Although this minimal effort strategy doesn’t appear to reverse the effects of climate change on the surface, it does gradually encourage the transition to a net zero environment. With this intention in mind, we have also entered a completely digital era. We did this to reduce our carbon footprint, as well as cut back on our paper consumption. This has proven to be a beneficial change in our attempts to go greener, though it is not always easy.

Technology is unreliable and frequently fails which can often lead to unsolicited setbacks. Consistency and dependability are vital features that are required across all of the digital platforms used by and within Assure UK. We have done our best to maintain these features throughout transitioning to a fully digital agency, though it has proven to be the most arduous obstacle we have faced throughout going greener. If you require any further insights into the obstacles that are frequently faced by the auditing team at Assure UK, please do not hesitate to contact us.