An expert Internal Audit Function without the hassle

Identify strengths and weaknesses within your Effective System of Governance (ESOG) to ensure that you’re providing a high level of service to your clients.




Keeping up with the new regulations regarding the Single Code of Practice can seem like a gargantuan task

In order to provide a high level of service to your clients, you need to identify strengths and weaknesses within your ESOG and carry out an Own Risk Assessment (ORA). The issue that a lot of Trustees are facing is not having enough time and resources to do this.

At Assure UK, we believe you deserve an efficient and expert internal audit function that ensures your risk management, governance, and internal control processes are operating efficiently and smoothly whilst meeting regulations.

Trusted by some of the UK’s largest pension schemes

We are a regulated independent auditor with an award-winning team of experts that has 60 years of combined experience and can work closely with you to provide an efficient and resourceful internal audit function to your service organisation. We boast strong testimonials from satisfied clients that showcase how easy it is to work with us. We have the skills and resources you need to provide a high level of service to your clients.

With Assure UK, you will receive:

  • The right skills and resources
  • A friendly and helpful team that takes the pressure off
  • An efficient service
  • Peace of mind that you’re in safe hands

Assure UK's Awards, Credentials and Registrations

How you can get an expert and efficient Internal Audit Function:

  • 1 Book a meeting. We will discuss your current situation.
  • 2 Review. We will hold a gap analysis to identify where you are currently and what needs to be implemented.
  • 3 Action. We will implement findings identified and close any gaps, ensuring you get the results you need, and hold a closing meeting to monitor next steps.

Really good and strong relationship. I would always recommend them because of the efficiency of their processes.


The planning that they do and clarity on timescales is probably their strength and why I might choose them over others.


An excellent timely and friendly service received.

Ensuring your internal audit systems are operating efficiently and smoothly shouldn’t be a daunting task

Imagine not having your time and resources stretched by trying to keep up with new regulations such as having a strong ESOG in place.

That is the kind of stress-free service that you will receive with Assure UK. Moreover, your strong ESOG will be continually monitored resulting in a completed ORA annually.