Happy holidays! How safe is your car?

Each day we see more products and services to make our life easier, simpler, faster and cheaper.

One new service is the airport meet and greet service which allows you to park next to the airport and then walk into the airport terminal.  Whether you are travelling on business or a large family wanting to get to the airport as quickly as possible then you may have used an airport meet and greet service.

BBC Watchdog recently reported how one operator was not acting in good faith and actually using their clients’ cars for personal use or not providing the safe storage they offered. (Link to BBC Watchdog). The question is, ‘How do you know that car is safe?’ One simple check is ask whether the car park in which your car will be stored has the ‘Park Mark’. The Park Mark® is given to car parking facilities that have undergone an annual police assessment. Locate a convenient Park Mark® facility here.

Every day cases like the one above mean that clients are becoming more sceptical.  Reassuring clients (and regulators) that their possessions or data are safe, or that your business processes are operating effectively is becoming essential.

Standards are improving.  Over the last few years it is true that more pension administrators now obtain and publish an internal controls report.  Regulators are asking Independent Trustees and those with a renewables obligation to provide an assurance report over their business operations. We have no doubt that the next few years data centres, payroll and other outsourced activities will also provide more transparent reporting to their clients to keep them happy and retain their business.

If you are interested in exploring how you could apply assurance reporting to reassure your  businesses’ clients then contact us for a free 45 minute no obligation meeting.