Getting the most from your pension auditor for a small mature scheme

If you are managing a small, mature pension scheme, why would you need a large auditor firm to perform a simple and compact audit?

The answer is you don’t. Assure UK are a small and recognised pension audit firm who offer a dedicated team to perform your audit, year on year. We pride ourselves on successfully competing with much larger firms to deliver a proven, quality audit process.

Assure UK’s friendly approach comes through in everything we do.  You will always have direct access to at least one dedicated team member, who will be happy to take your call any time and provide the assistance you need.

At Assure UK, you won’t be answering queries from multiple and anonymous auditors in the manic run up to a statutory deadline.   Assure UK offer a personal experience, where we aim to answer your queries and resolve all issues within days, not weeks.  We deliver a hassle-free, proven, quality audit process in a timely manner, so that you have more time for governance.  Plus, our fixed fees mean you won’t receive any nasty surprises in your final bill.

Assure UK will help you to streamline the process by providing detailed spreadsheets to you with all our queries listed.  So, important information won’t be lost in never-ending email threads. Our process is completely digitalised, including the signing of the accounts.  You’ll never need to leave the comfort of your home to complete the process.

Imagine your accounts being finalised and ready for review months in advance of the statutory deadline, leaving you with one less thing to worry about for the year ahead.

At Assure UK, we are dedicated and determined to make that your reality and give you the best and most pleasing audit experience.

You only need a small pension firm to perform the audit on your small mature pension scheme and there are a lot more benefits that come with appointing Assure UK as your pension Audit firm.

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