Fit 4 Feb Finale

The month over, and it is with great aplomb that we proudly announce the completion of Assure UK’s Fit 4 Feb challenge. We set ourselves the goal of walking a combined 2 million steps over the course of February and with 4 days remaining within the month, we surpassed that target, leaving us pondering over the next step! But that’s by the by, we have many award winners and a handful of commiserations.

Let’s take a look at the stats.

We exceeded our target goal of 2 million steps by achieving a final total of 2,599,001 steps. That means an average sized human, at 5 foot 9 inches; would have walked the equivalent of 1,169 miles. The Proclaimers have nothing on us! This statistic means that we could have tip toed all the way to the glorious city of Budapest over the course of February. Impressed yet? I bet.

Our team members have offered some words of wisdom on increasing the average number of steps on  a daily basis. Founder here at Assure UK certainly found his stride during February and he’s recommended the following, “It’s the little things that make the most difference, I took the dog for a walk for a few extra minutes and at work, Id’ purposely park further away from the office in the adjacent car park.”

Other team members like Emma, would spend part of her lunch break walking laps around the office. Our residential runner Nahashon Mwangi completed a half marathon as well as regular 10 kilometre stretches during the month.

So, lets start with the big guns, who walked the most steps? Who was the surprise package? And who fell short of their goal?

Well the most strides made goes to one, Bhavesh Patel, walking a total of 324,240 steps over February. For this great achievement, he’s won a family day out and a first place trophy!

Following him, with a second place trophy, is critically acclaimed marathon runner Jade Brooker with 309,078 steps.

Here comes the hot stepper in third place, Andrew Riley, with 274,996 lateral movements in the month. Third place trophy goes to him.

The fourth award goes to Bhavesh Patel for achieving 30,905 steps in a single day. Bhav has won £30 worth of Love2Shop vouchers for his 30k steps achievement.

Finally, the fifth award for Best Consistency goes to Nahashon Mwangi. The prize for this award is £30 worth of high street vouchers.

Emma Jones takes the award for being the diamond in the rough, the needle in the haystack, the surprise package as she exceeded her daily target repeatedly. And while a couple contestants did fall short of their daily target, it was truly a team effort in going One step beyond and we hope you have enjoyed our journey in the quest for fitness this February and thank you for following!