Gain confidence in your set of pension scheme accounts

Obtain assurance that your pension scheme accounts comply with accounting standards

Timely accounts

Expert advice

Peace of mind

A simple set of accounts shouldn’t stretch your time and resources

Every proficient Trustee wants to show that their pension scheme accounts comply with accounting standards. Showcasing this shouldn’t take so long. Pension scheme accounts need to be signed within 7 months of the pension scheme’s year end but it is common to be left until the last month or even closer to the deadline. This can leave you feeling frustrated and less trustworthy of your pension scheme auditors.

At Assure UK, we believe you deserve a timely, expert, and efficient service so you can focus on taking care of your members.


I never have any nervousness that we’re going to go over deadlines or have things not delivered in time for us.


Very timely and professional service, delivering the accounts in a short space of time having been appointed well into the seven month period.


Sign-off ready and clearance given 3 months after year-end. Superb!

An award-winning team that you can rely on

We understand the frustration that arises from taking too long to get your accounts signed. Our specialised audit team have helped assist many Trustees with a proven process that delivers your accounts on time and takes the pressure off.

We understand that the set of accounts is not your main responsibility so our proven process will free up your time so you can spend more time on what matters most, such as attending to the needs of your members.

With Assure UK, you will get an efficient Financial Statement Close Process Review that:

  • Is delivered on time
  • Is delivered by experts
  • Gives you peace of mind

Assure UK's Awards, Credentials and Registrations

How to get a timely Financial Statement Close Process Review that gives you peace of mind

  • 1 Book a meeting. We will carry out a Healthcheck analysis where we’ll discuss your current processes and procedures to see what is working and what could be improved
  • 2 We’ll discuss our findings to ensure we are on the same page
  • 3 You’ll get a findings and recommendations report that you can put into action.

Avoid lagging behind on your accounts

Our expert audit team will assist you in getting your accounts compliant with accounting regulations and signed in a more timely fashion which will give you the opportunity and agility to take proactive measures to protect your members. This is especially beneficial in a market with changing conditions and in keeping up with regulatory requirements. You’ll achieve a sense of relief and confidence, and build more trust with your members.