Assure UK announced as Dalriada audit panel member

Dalriada.Together – Assure UK announced as a panel member

May 15 2024 – Dalriada, a leading firm of professional independent pension scheme trustees, announced that Assure UK has been appointed as a member of its panel of auditors, for Dalriada.Together.

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What is Dalriada.Together?

Dalriada.Together is a pensions consolidation model that delivers trusteeship, governance, administration, and all daily operations associated with a pension scheme.

That is, Dalriada.Together manages the advisers and other third parties for defined benefit pension schemes, removing the burden of managing what can be a broad and complex range of working relationships, from the pension scheme sponsors and employers.

This helps minimise costs and management distractions, enabling the pension scheme to maintain its focus on delivering its strategic objectives.

Assure UK and Dalriada.Together

Assure UK, as one of the UK’s leading pension scheme audit firms, and a long term working partner of Dalriada, has been appointed to Dalriada.Together’s panel of auditors to provide audit services for trustee annual reports and accounts for its clients.

This is the first panel to be appointed, and will be followed by a number of additional panels of suppliers and third parties.

The introduction of this audit panel means that no Dalriada.Together client will pay more than a rate of inflation increase for their annual trustee accounts audit. This will generate an average saving for clients of 10%.

Gareth Burton, CEO of Assure UK commented, on the firms appointment “Being selected to support Dalriada.Together in this manner is a distinct credit for Assure UK. We have always strived to provide best in class audit services, and our selection to this panel is another recognition of our dedication to that goal. All of us at Assure UK look forward to supporting the team at Dalriada.Together, and of course, most importantly, their clients.”  

Adrian Campbell, Operational Manager of Dalriada.Together, said “The audit panel is the first of a number of panels we are appointing to provide services to our Dalriada.Together clients. These panels will ensure that our clients receive the best value for money, and a very high level of service. They also allow us to manage the delivery of scheme services to the highest level of quality.”

Additional Info from the Dalriada.Together announcement.

The full press release for this announcement about Dalriada.Together can be found on the Dalriada website, and the only other pension scheme audit firm appointed to the panel is Cooper Parry.

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