Create Great Content

We often hear that content is very important for digital marketing, but sometimes it is difficult to generate ideas for new posts. Here are a few ideas for content creation to help keep your customers engaged:

Product or Service Tips

Offering some quick tips on how to use your product or service will create content that’s useful, practical and shareable. Tips don’t necessarily have to include a specific call-to-action; instead, they can be used to stay at the top of customers’ minds, a useful ingredient in creating sustainable relationships.

Customer Stories and Testimonials

Customer stories and testimonials can be great sources of content because you don’t have to do much of the writing yourself. You might also end up with more stories or photos than you can fit into one piece, so you can save some of this content for future posts. This type of content is effective because the customers who have submitted it will often want to share it around themselves. This is an excellent way to get authentic stories out there about your business.

A Piece on Trends

People always love hearing interesting facts and statistics. This type of information is also easily shareable, so a few simple and interesting stats or facts can go a long way. Perhaps your business can conduct a customer survey and share some statistics about your particular market sector.

Customer Case Study

If current or prospective customers are thinking about using your product or service, the best way for them to figure out if you meet their needs is to hear about a situation in which you helped another customer. Showcasing the story of a customer and how you helped to solve their problem can be ideal for painting the picture of how your business works. Case studies can take the form of an interview, visuals of the customer using your service, quotations about how they used your product or even a full presentation of their story.

Photos of Your Customers Interacting With Your Product

Not only do photos count as content, they can actually be the most engaging – in fact, over 80% of a Facebook Page’s engagement happens on photo posts. That’s a pretty astounding number – you’ll find similar statistics for other social networks too.

Answer a Customer’s Question

If your customers are asking you questions via your Facebook Page, Twitter, phone or in person, you have some idea of what people want to know. Take the opportunity to answer common questions you receive on your website, as this will allow people to easily access information about common questions.