How to complete an AAF project on time for an agreed fixed fee

At Assure UK, we know how frustrating and expensive the assurance AAF reporting process can be. This is why we pride ourselves in delivering a proven quality AAF process in a timely manner so that you have more time for governance. We will help solve your headaches by guiding you through the assurance maze with fixed fees and no nasty surprises.

We have highlighted some key tips you can follow to ensure you can complete your assurance report on time for an agreed fixed fee.


Completing your assurance report is not an easy task within a fixed fee. Delegating tasks to help collate audit evidence, will allow you to spread the workload across various levels of staff helping to reduce costs and overloading of individual capacity.

Create a budget

Creating a budget prior to kick off will allow you to keep track the actual time and money you have spent completing your AAF. By regularly reviewing the budget you are able to monitor whether you are keeping within the fixed fee. We suggest reviewing time spent on previous years AAFs and seek to reduce the time yearly as the process becomes more familiar.

Read our blog on the best practice for how to budget time and cost for AAF work here.

Regular collation of evidence

We understand collating evidence by trawling though historic data can be a tedious task. To eliminate time delays in completing your AAF report, we suggest collating evidence steadily throughout the reporting period. Evidence can be provided to your auditor early to allow an immediate kick off to the project.

If you would like more information on the AAF options available for you and how we can help you complete your AAF in a timely manner for an agreed fixed fee and no nasty surprises, please get in contact with us at