Stopping Pension Scammers

Scams that target pension scheme members and their retirement benefits are a growing and persistent problem that is intensifying problems faced by members amidst the cost of living crisis in the UK. These scams can leave catastrophic impacts to members and their families at a time where there is enough for them to deal with…

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Training materials are expanding for Professional Trustees

training materials for trustees

Over the coming year we are expecting to see Professional Trustees being required to expand their knowledge and expertise in a range of areas. A key area of focus is environmental, social and governance requirements being in place on Professional Trustees of pension schemes. The Association of Professional Pension Trustees (APPT) have announced plans to…

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A Straightforward Guide to the General Code of Practice

The single code of practice - an image of a mountain as a metaphor for our simple guide

A Straightforward Guide to the General Code of Practice The General Code of Practice (previoulsy known as the Single Code of Practice) was launched in January 2021 by The Pension Regulator and deals with the governance and administration of pension schemes. It aims to replace 15 existing codes of practice into one easy to manage…

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Have you got enough resources for your assurance report?

resources for assurance report

Organisations are getting busier with client work, regulatory requirements and maintaining good governance. Team members’ time is the limited resource that we are all trying to manage as effectively as possible. When conducting an assurance project, multiple key team members in an organisation can be affected by having time and resources tied up to provide…

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PRAG published updated guidance on going concern

going concern

The Pensions Research Accounting Group (PRAG) has updated their guidance around going concern considerations following changes made in the most recent version of ISA (UK) 570. The adjustments mainly clarify the role of the auditor in a pension scheme’s assessment of going concern. The main points arising from the changes are: Clarifications to the risk…

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Learnings from completing an AAF 05/20 assurance report

AAF 05/20

This blog will give more information about the new AAF 05/20 assurance report. The TECH AAF 02/07 was amended to the new TECH AAF 05/20 assurance report in April 2020 to incorporate the key areas which Master Trusts were being asked to demonstrate as part of the Pension Regulators (tPR) Authorisation process and the ongoing…

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How to complete an AAF project on time for an agreed fixed fee

fixed fees

At Assure UK, we know how frustrating and expensive the assurance AAF reporting process can be. This is why we pride ourselves in delivering a proven quality AAF process in a timely manner so that you have more time for governance. We will help solve your headaches by guiding you through the assurance maze with…

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