TPR Publishes General Code of Practice

code of practice

General Code of Practice published by TPR The final version of The Pensions Regulator’s (TPR) new code of practice, the General Code of Practice, which was previously known as the Single Code of Practice, has been published. The General Code of Practice, at over 170 pages, documents TPR’s goals for The Occupational Pension Schemes (Governance) (Amendment)…

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The Pensions Regulator’s Annual Report 2022-2023

In a dynamic year marked by industry transformation and shifting responsibilities, The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has released its Annual Report and Accounts for 2022-2023. This is crucial document not only reflects the achievements of the regulator but also emphasizes its role in safeguarding pensioners’ interests among changing pension patterns. Over the past year, TPR has…

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Pensions Regulator’s New Single Code of Practice

Single Code of Practice

Single Code of Practice – New Framework A new Single Code of Practice is scheduled to be release by the Pensions Regulator. This is aimed at further optimising and improving the existing regulatory framework. And is part of the evolving development of the pensions industry and retirement plans , all with the goal of ensuring…

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UK’s First CDC Pension Scheme Authorised by The Pensions Regulator

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has assessed and authorised the UK’s first Collective Defined Contribution (CDC) pension scheme with many more lined up to be introduced. This is a landmark authorisation from TPR and shows how the regulator is pursuing its strategy to embrace innovation to help meet pension savers’ needs. The minister for Pensions, Laura…

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What challenges do Trustees face in 2023?

Trusteeship is a critical aspect of the pension industry, and it is becoming increasingly important in the current landscape. Pension scheme trustees are responsible for overseeing the management and administration of pension schemes and ensuring that members’ interests are protected. As the industry moves into 2023 there are a number of issues that are making…

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The Pensions Dashboard is coming but when?

In 2022 we held a client listening exercise with several of our clients to understand how they felt towards working with Assure UK but also to highlight any key topics arising within the pensions industry. Throughout the interviews a hot topic was the Pensions Dashboard.   What is the Pensions Dashboard? The Pensions Dashboard is…

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Single Code – Get your priorities right

single code

Although much of the Single Code of Practice will be made up of new existing expectations, Trustees are beginning to feel the effects of the code coming into place. The three key new requirements of the code are: The own risk assessment (ORA) Effective systems of governance (ESOG) Remuneration policy Many believe that the ORA…

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A Straightforward Guide to the General Code of Practice

The single code of practice - an image of a mountain as a metaphor for our simple guide

A Straightforward Guide to the General Code of Practice The General Code of Practice (previoulsy known as the Single Code of Practice) was launched in January 2021 by The Pension Regulator and deals with the governance and administration of pension schemes. It aims to replace 15 existing codes of practice into one easy to manage…

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Near record high of 70% of transfer requests show scam warning flags

transfer request

XPS Pensions Group can monitor transfer requests using their Transfer Watch. This allows them to keep track of transfer activity, transfer values, and scam warning flags that appear when a transfer request is made. Recent findings have shown that the number of transfer requests that have triggered a scam warning flag has increased month on…

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