Pension Dashboard Project Reset

What is a pension dashboard? Pension dashboards are being developed to provide a convenient and accessible, online view of an individuals’ pension – this will show all of the pensions accumulated by any one person. According to a 2023 Mercia Group estimate ‘One in four people have lost track of at least one pension in…

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Pensions Dashboards: Are you Connection Ready?

The Pensions Administration Standards Association (Pasa) has released a new Connection Ready Guidance for scheme administrators, outlining the top 5 actions that schemes must follow if universal connection is to be achieved by 31 October 2026. The guidance sets out that schemes and administrators should start their preparations before it’s too late, and will be…

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The Pension Landscape: A Thorough Overview of the Pensions Dashboards Programme

In the dynamic landscape of pension administration, the Pensions Dashboards Programme (PDP) has been actively spearheading a significant transformation since April 2023. As the program nears the release of its eighth progress update report, it is evident that considerable progress has been achieved in coordinating efforts with the updated connection deadline of 31 October 2026.…

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TPR Publishes General Code of Practice

code of practice

General Code of Practice published by TPR The final version of The Pensions Regulator’s (TPR) new code of practice, the General Code of Practice, which was previously known as the Single Code of Practice, has been published. The General Code of Practice, at over 170 pages, documents TPR’s goals for The Occupational Pension Schemes (Governance) (Amendment)…

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5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Selecting a Service Auditor

Selecting the right service auditor is a pivotal step for any institution intending to evaluate the effectiveness of their internal controls and ensure compliance with industry standards. However, there are common pitfalls that organisations often come across during this process. In an effort to make an informed decision, it’s important to be aware of these…

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Choosing the Right Service Auditor: A Step-by-Step Guide

Appointing a suitable service auditor is a crucial choice for any business trying to guarantee the reliability and safety of its systems. Whether you’re pursuing a SOC 1, SOC 2, or other audit, a systematic selection process is vital. This blog post provides a brief guide to assist you in making an informed decision. 1.…

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How Much is a Pension Scheme Audit Going to Cost?


Pension Scheme Audit Prices What is the price of a pension scheme audit? This, of course, is always one of the first questions a pension trustee or pension administrator has when starting the research process for a pension scheme auditor. At Assure UK, we’ve received this question hundreds of times, likely within the first couple…

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ISAE 3000 & 3402

ISAE 3000

The demand for assurance to build up trust and endorse business relationships is global. To achieve this, international standard-setters have issued standards and guidance for non-audit assurance services. The key body being the IAASB – the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board. One of the two most significant standards is the IAASB’s International Standard on…

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Add value to your members by offering them an MOT

The recent introduction of the enhanced digital Midlife MOT by the UK Government represents an essential change in the way retirement planning is approached. As the dynamics of work and life expectancy continue to progress, this action focuses on leading people of ages between 40 and 50 towards a more stable and prepared future. Louise…

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