ISAE 3000 & 3402

ISAE 3000

The demand for assurance to build up trust and endorse business relationships is global. To achieve this, international standard-setters have issued standards and guidance for non-audit assurance services. The key body being the IAASB – the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board. One of the two most significant standards is the IAASB’s International Standard on…

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AAF 01/20 Preparation Checklist

AAF 01/20 Preparation Checklist I’ve been hearing from various people in the marketplace that they were interested in learning about some steps, at a high level, that they need to take to get off the ground and on their way to completing their AAF 01/20 Report Type I or Type II. I will give you…

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How much is an Assurance Report really going to cost?

How much is an Assurance Report really going to cost? It may be your first instinct that assurance reports are going to be an expensive process to complete but in the long term it will be of great value to your business and winning new clients. Here at Assure UK, it is one of the…

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Have you got enough resources for your assurance report?

resources for assurance report

Organisations are getting busier with client work, regulatory requirements and maintaining good governance. Team members’ time is the limited resource that we are all trying to manage as effectively as possible. When conducting an assurance project, multiple key team members in an organisation can be affected by having time and resources tied up to provide…

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How to complete an AAF project on time for an agreed fixed fee

fixed fees

At Assure UK, we know how frustrating and expensive the assurance AAF reporting process can be. This is why we pride ourselves in delivering a proven quality AAF process in a timely manner so that you have more time for governance. We will help solve your headaches by guiding you through the assurance maze with…

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Agreed-upon Procedures: The value of ISRS 4400 (Revised)

agreed upon procedures

Agreed-upon procedure (AUP) reports are used by a wide range of stakeholders for a number of different reasons. The demand of AUP engagements could be attributed to in part by the growth in regulations and the increase in accountability for funding and grants. The ISRS 4400 (revised), Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagements has been updated to keep…

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Trends: What’s coming up in Audit and Assurance

audit assurance

Corporate governance and audit reform are key areas that will lead to a change in assurance approaches. “A significant package of reform” is how Sir Jon Thompson, CEO of the FRC (Financial Reporting Council) described the important ‘Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance’. White Paper by the BEIS (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial…

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Master Trust TECH 05/20 AAF and the Master Trust Supervisory Return

Master Trusts

Master Trust TECH 05/20 AAF and the Master Trust Supervisory Return Master Trusts continue to grow as a ‘product of choice’ for employers meeting their automatic enrolment duties, there is now a legal requirement for all Master Trusts to be authorised with the Regulator undertaking ongoing supervision and oversight. Master Trust Technical Release has been…

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New AAF 01/20 replaces AAF 01/06

New AAF 01/20 replaces AAF 01/06 The keenly awaited update for AAF 01/06 became available in January 2020 with Control Objectives for administrators, investment managers and other data recording industry. Technical release AAF 01/20 replaces AAF 01/06 reporting for periods beginning on or after 1 July 2020. Early adoption is encouraged. The revised Control Objectives…

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