What is the Buy One Give One scheme (B1G1)?

You may have heard of the B1G1 project. Quite simply, it is a way for businesses to provide help and support to the most vulnerable people and environments in the world, just by getting on with the ordinary work we do every day.

Originally called Buy 1 Give 1, B1G1 in a non-profit organisation based in Singapore. The model allows for businesses to contribute to pre-vetted projects by “embedded” giving. Part of why B1G1 has been a big success story is because it makes giving easy for businesses to do. A typical way “embedded” giving might work, is that a company might opt to donate every time they take on a new client, sell a new product, reaches a milestone.

Their approved charities have all been checked by B1G1, to ensure their finances are in order and that they work effectively. This way, participating businesses can rest assured that their donations are making a real impact on the issues they want to support. Businesses and their staff become connected to the projects they support and those involved soon realise how much impact they can have on someone’s life by making a small change.

The central idea is to make giving a part of your everyday business and eventually it will become a natural movement that benefits everyone in the community.

How it Works

  1. Give with Impact – It is important to decide who or what you want to impact. There are so many different areas which the B1G1 project allows us to venture into. This could include environmental factors, educational needs for adults and children, animals and so many more.

If you are struggling to choose a project, ask yourself or your team what areas they feel most strongly about or if they have friends or relatives affected by any of the causes.

  1. Make Giving a Habit – There are so many ways you can incorporate the B1G1 project into your everyday life. Embedding giving in your company culture says a lot about who you are as a team. Make your giving part of your company Giving Story, for instance, “Every time we hit a milestone, we make a contribution to our selected project.” You and your team will be able to track your contributions and link them directly to the targets you have reached internally. All of which is really motivating for team members and they can track the direct impact their hard work is making on the lives of others.

Another easy way of making giving a habit is by downloading the app, Impact Now, to your phone. The app makes allocating teams or individuals easy and when you have ticked off an objective, you can simply press donate to the cause the team have decided on.

  1. Share the Joy with Others – You don’t need to confine yourself to sharing your giving achievements with your team. Make a B1G1 page on your website and update your customers in your communications. Whether your giving is triggered by new customers, sales or profits, your customers can feel part of it too. Thank them for their help and support in being able to achieve something good. If they have contributed to making the impact, then you can offer them a Certificate of Gratitude, with your organisation’s branding.  You can track this through the unique referral code that is generated when sharing your links.There is also the option to create a giving campaign (like Just Giving) to spread the word across the wider community.
  1. Do Even More – Really understanding the projects can make a huge impact. B1G1 regularly organises a meet up known as a ‘B1G1 study tour’. This event allows you to meet other people striving towards making a difference. These events are a great way to widen horizons, build relationships and networks, and could open your business up to a new, diverse, range of clients.

The B1G1 Facebook group provides another opportunity to virtually meet and build relationships; to identify what others are doing and what tips you can make use of for your company. We can all benefit from each other’s experience.

  1. Spread the Word – Of course, your B1G1 can be a private affair, but spreading the word of how it works in your business and inviting others businesses to collaborate increases the giving footprint.

Spread the word and the work internally as well. Instead of leaving your B1G1 in the hands of one staff member, build a team of individuals to work together, make the decisions on projects and release the donations. This is also a great team building endeavour, that your business will benefit from in a multitude of ways.


Why Choose B1G1?

B1G1 offers the chance to give back to others who haven’t had the same opportunities you have had. Getting involved encourages your company to build a strong sense of purpose and promote a giving culture that can transform the way a business works. It improves staff loyalty and morale and genuinely helps others in need.

After researching  B1G1, Assure UK will shortly be introducing the project into our everyday business practice and we look forward to updating you with how we get along. If you want to keep up to date, check back here, or sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.