The Benefits of Employee Surveys

It is expensive and time consuming to hire new employees.

Businesses need to focus on keeping their staff satisfied in the workplace. Surveys provide vital feedback to management on matters such as:

Compensation – In general, management should have an idea if employees are satisfied with their current compensation. However, you will never really know unless you ask. Employees can feel that they are overworked and underpaid. Management needs to know this and also needs to be seen to give these staff members the opportunity to voice their concerns. After all, it’s best that the company knows what they are thinking now rather than waiting for a resignation letter because they were offered a higher salary by a competitor.

Work-related issues – When distributing surveys, management should be as direct and specific as possible. Ask your employees about work conditions, office temperature, salary expectations, workload and whether or not they feel that management is working in the interests of the staff as well as the firm’s profits. The management team should also ask for feedback and question employees on how they rate the overall operations of the company. Asking employees what they think sends a positive message that something is going to be done about the matters that staff find dissatisfactory.

Identify potential problems – From the feedback and results of the employee surveys, management can point out potential problem areas. If there are a lot of complaints and negative feedback about a certain issue, management can take action and see to it that the process is improved.

All in all, employee surveys are a key source of feedback for management. Any firm’s goals are to provide the best products and services possible. Key to this is maintaining the satisfaction of personnel and turning the company into a good place in which to work.