Assure UK Client Listening Feedback

We believe that in order to grow, we need to retain clients as well as acquire new ones. We had a feeling our clients were satisfied with our service, evidenced by our regular online feedback survey which was giving us positive feedback and a high NPS (net promoter score).

However, we wanted to gather more in-depth insight into how our clients were feeling, discover what we do well, why they continue to engage us and to identify areas for improvement. We engaged an external consultant to interview a sample of clients as we felt it was important to have complete independence.

Although the exercise had an element of feedback, it also enabled us to find out what was on our clients’ minds, so we can best meet their future needs. It was important to us to demonstrate our commitment to client care and investing in a third-party to gather the insight on our behalf did just that.

Clients were invited by their relationship manager to speak with the consultant, Anna, who was introduced via email. Clients then selected a convenient time so have an online meeting with Anna who although had some pre-agreed questions to ask, was able to have an engaging conversation with clients to draw out the relevant intelligence.

Once Anna had spoken to our clients, she produced a report which helped us to understand our strengths, our areas for development and opportunities for further developing our client relationships.

Stay tuned for our next blog where we’ll tell you what we discovered….