Assure UK Launch Cloud Accounting Company

Assure UK has launched a sister company Progress Accountants, to meet clients cloud accounting needs and help them comply with Making Tax Digital regulations.

Based in North Oxfordshire, Progress Accountants is not your average accountancy practice, it is here to reinvent accountancy, making business life for clients a little more enjoyable. From simply helping to get books in order to creating a complete scalable system that automates entire financial workflow and grows with businesses, Progress Accountants team of experienced Chartered Accountants are ready to help, as much or as little as clients need with their accounts.

Through extensive experience and research, Progress Accountants have curated three levels of service, so clients can see from the off-set what they are paying for. This is combined with investing heavily in technology, which is passed onto clients to simplify processes. By increasing transparency and communication, clients can choose which option best suits their requirements or these options can be tailored, so that clients get the perfect solution for their business.

Gareth Burton, Founder has said: “As a business owner myself, I understand the frustrations businesses face and the growing cycle they go through.  I want Progress Accountants to be the accounting firm I needed when I first launched Assure UK 2012; proactive, forward thinking and most of all understanding. Business owners face many challenges in their business life’s and accounting shouldn’t be one of them.”

Progress Accountants have the knowledge, expertise and experience to help businesses owners overcome issues they may face no matter how big or small. Progress Accountants use robust systems to ensure their clients receive the support they need from their accountant to effectively run their business; from bookkeeping and filing annual accounts to offering tax advice, cash flow forecasting as well as working closely with wealth management and business finance firms to ensure their clients get a well-rounded service.

Progress Accountants client said: ‘Our old accountants were very old fashioned we felt like we were in the stone age and wanted to move forward so we switched to Progress Accountants. I feel like we’ve moved in to modern times with Progress Accountants. It’s easier to understand, and the team actually take the time to explain things to us – rather than handing us manuals to review’ – Samantha Schoenrock, PP Thornton

Progress Accountants have also launched their new website. The site encompasses the brand and its values, showcasing their offering as well as demonstrating expertise.

Graham Eden, Head of Accountants said: ‘The launch of Progress Accountants is extremely exciting, we are looking forward to shaking up the accounting world. It is time to make the most of the ever evolving technology around us, to ensure clients get the experience and service they deserve.’

If you would like to know more about Progress Accountants services, please visit Alternatively, you can contact Progress Accountants on: 01295 477 250 or email


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About Progress Accountants

Sister company to leading pension audit and assurance provider Assure UK, Progress Accountants assists clients with their accounting needs with a focus on growing business looking to increase market share. Progress Accountants pride themselves in a forward thinking proactive working style to ensure clients get the most value out of services.

Clients have access to both package  and bespoke service offerings cloud accounting, corporate funding and wealth management.

For more information on how Progress Accountants  can assist you please contact us on: 01295 477 250, alternatively you can email us on