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Meet the team

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Gareth Burton, FCCA

Founder and CEO

Gareth is Assure UK’s Founder and CEO.  His vision was to create a specialist pensions audit firm which delivers clients an experience they didn’t think was possible. Gareth is committed to helping clients change their view that pension audits need to be complicated, to one where they view them as a hassle-free process.

Gareth sees the unique ability of everyone in the Assure UK team, providing them with opportunities to be the very best they can be.

A voracious learner, Gareth is always seeking out new ideas to bring those cumulative, marginal gains to Assure UK, that truly benefit its clients.

Outside work, Gareth loves spinning, golf and rowing. When possible, he also indulges his passion for travel and adventure.

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Bhav Patel, FCCA

Director of Audit and Assurance

Bhav is our Director of Audit and Assurance at Assure UK and he acts as the quality supervisor for audit and assurance files. He also reviews all proposals for new business. He takes an overview role in client relationships and acts as an escalation point if any issues arise.

Bhav is detail-oriented and enjoys working with the team to ensure a consistently high level of quality work flows from Assure UK to its clients.  He has significant knowledge in the pensions industry having worked in the sector for a number of years.

Outside the office you can find Bhav on his road bike or spending time with his young family.

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Jade Brooker, ACCA


Jade is a Manager at Assure UK who has two sides to her role at Assure UK. On the client-side, she’s the manager responsible for overseeing assurance projects and managing the end-to-end completion of a portfolio of pension scheme audits. She has oversight of all work carried out by trainees and ensures a high standard is always maintained. She is highly organised, and makes sure clients are kept up to date with progress and the team understand their role in delivery.

Jade is also Assure UK’s practice manager and is involved in everything from proposals to recruitment and training of new team members.  She loves the variety involved in her role where she develops strong relationships with both clients and the internal team and has been able to develop her technical as well as her leadership skills.

Jade is passionate about travel and would love to go to Australia and New Zealand. She’s also an accomplished dancer and loves playing netball.

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Luke Bosch, ACCA


Luke is a Manager at Assure UK who manages a sizeable portfolio of pension audits and is the day-to-day contact for those clients. He delegates fieldwork to the trainees and quality assures any tasks passed to them, giving guidance and feedback along the way. Luke started at Assure UK at a young age so can put himself in their shoes!

Luke loves overseeing the entire audit process from start to finish and having an in-depth understanding of the process and progress of his audits so he can answer client queries confidently and quickly. His strengths lie in his ability to efficiently handle a large portfolio of audits and always keep clients up to date with progress. Luke also has a strong level of attention to detail when it comes to numbers – he prides himself on identifying and flagging areas of concern or unusual transactions at the start of an audit which mitigates problems later in the process and results in timely completion.

Luke hails from South Africa and can often be found at weekends with fellow South Africans enjoying a game of rugby, a pub quiz or a ‘braai’ (South African barbecue!).

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Olivia Bailey, ACCA


Olivia is a Manager at Assure UK who manages a portfolio of audit and assurance clients and acts as the day-to-day client contact for those engagements. Where trainees are involved in delivery of her projects, Olivia makes sure the high standards clients expect from Assure UK are upheld, whilst allowing colleagues to further develop their skills. Olivia is responsible for Assure UK’s client take on process and for the training of new employees.

Building strong client relationships is important to Olivia and she is grateful to have been given the opportunity early in her career to forge strong connections with clients. Olivia is very solution focused and is always looking for process improvements which will make clients’ lives easier.

In her spare time, Olivia and her partner enjoy travelling the UK and Ireland with their roof tent – preferably in warm and dry weather!

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Yasmin Lapper

Associate Accountant

Yasmin is an Associate Accountant and covers both audit and assurance work. She’s currently finishing her business management and accounting degree alongside her role and will then go on to study for her ACCA qualification.

Yasmin loves the variety of work at Assure UK, and although the team follow a set process, every day is different. She describes herself as a ‘perfectionist’ which she feels is important in an audit role, and she’s dedicated to getting the job done and meeting client deadlines.

At the weekends Yasmin enjoys watching the horse racing with her grandad and going out with friends.

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Morgan Williams

Associate Accountant

Morgan is an Associate Accountant, supporting the team with audit and assurance projects. She has a strong analytical approach and loves problem solving so she can put her skills to good use for the benefit of Assure UK’s clients. An excel whizz, Morgan shares her expertise with the team so they can implement efficiencies in analysing audit data. She’s in the process of starting her ACCA apprenticeship soon.

Morgan’s main hobby is journaling, and she loves creating a journal for each year and filling it with mementos and memories from her activities.


Dhaiya Shergill

Associate Accountant

Dhaiya is an Associate Accountant who is focused on audit fieldwork. She loves the supportive environment at Assure UK and the encouragement she receives from colleagues which is important to her as she develops in her role.

A numbers person, Dhaiya has always enjoyed maths which stands her in good stead for her future career.

Outside work, Dhaiya enjoys spending time with friends and going on long walks.


Andreea-Maria Mihail

Associate Accountant

Andreea is an associate specialising in pension scheme audits. She began her career in a Big Four firm but wanted to move to a business whose sole focus was on her chosen field, and with a stronger team ethos, so will complete her ACA qualification with us at Assure.

Andreea likes seeing the audit process through from start to finish and enjoys building strong client relationships. She has strong attention to detail and prides herself on being able to identify discrepancies quickly.

Andreea is a huge dog-lover and enjoys going for walks so she can play with any dogs she meets – her own dog lives with her parents in Portsmouth so she goes there to visit as often as she can.


Layla Broughton

Associate Accountant

Layla is an audit and assurance trainee, undertaking an accountancy apprenticeship. She is currently learning our systems and processes and undertaking some practice audits and she really enjoys looking at the data to make comparisons and spot anomalies. She likes working independently, but knowing she has the support of the wider team when she needs it.

Layla enjoys learning new things, and her approach is to have a go herself and reach out to others if she needs advice.

In her spare time, Layla likes to take walks in the countryside, or if the weather is not on her side, she likes to find new series to watch on Netflix.

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Lee Rogers, FMAAT

Lead Accountant

Lee is Assure UK’s Accountant and his role is to ensure that Assure UK’s finances are running smoothly and that clients and suppliers’ monetary queries are dealt with efficiently. Lee also runs Assure UK’s sister company, Progress Accountants. His role is to look after clients and ensure delivery promises and standards are upheld. Focused on advisory work, Lee works with clients on M&A, exit strategies and tax planning.

Lee’s strengths lie in relationship building and he is seen as a reliable, trusted adviser by the team and clients.

Outside work, Lee’s time is taken up with his young family, so he is a frequent visitor to the Zoo or the soft play centre – depending on the weather!

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Hollie Stayton

Business Administrator

Hollie is Assure UK’s Business Administrator and supports the team with client work as well as working with Jade to ensure the smooth running of the office. Hollie gets involved in many areas of the business from proposals to client take on and from audit reports through to marketing. She really enjoys working across the team and having lots of variety in her role, and doing so means she’s very organised!

Hollie is also currently completing her Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship.

At the weekends Hollie enjoys discovering new food venues with friends.

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Manny Abayomi

Digital Marketing Apprentice

Manny is the Digital Marketing Apprentice at Assure UK, and he’s currently studying for his CIM diploma in digital marketing. He currently focuses on social media and making sure Assure UK’s presence is strong and consistent across all platforms.

Manny enjoys the creative side of marketing and loves coming up with new ideas for posts and creatives. He’s also a talented videographer so you’ll see him at our events, camera in hand!

Manny enjoys going to the gym and playing football with friends.

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