Display strong internal controls to your Trustee Board with a Master Trust AAF 05/20 Assurance Report

Obtain a high quality assurance report that shows your internal controls are operating efficiently and effectively


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Meet the Pension Regulator’s requirements and retain Master Trust Authorisation Status

It is a recommend practice for Trustee Boards to display all the important information on the Master Trust’s internal controls through a Master Trust AAF 05/20 assurance report to ensure they are operating effectively and efficiently.

Not having one adds additional resource constraints to your already busy team and not to mention you could lose your Master Trust Authorisation status. We know that it can be very daunting and time consuming to identify the controls you have in place and to show evidence of your processes as part of your annual supervisory return to the Pensions Regulator.

At Assure UK, we believe you deserve a thorough Master Trust AAF 05/20 report that takes the pressure off your team, instills confidence that you are meeting all the requirements set by the Regulator, and proves to the Trustee Board that their internal controls are strong.


When working with Assure it feels like we are one big team.


AAF Audit was carried out efficiently and professionally by the whole Assure team from start to finish, with them all being accessible and extremely helpful during the project as and when required.


We wouldn’t get new business without having the AAF report and it’s such a good analysis of what we’re actually doing.

Trusted by some of the UK’s largest pension schemes

We understand the importance of demonstrating your strong internal controls – our team have extensive experience in providing an efficient and timely service that keeps the Trustee Board informed on the governance of the Master Trust enabling your scheme to remain on the Master Trust list.

For almost two decades, we’ve delivered high quality assurance reports that...

  • Build confidence and reassures the Trustee Board
  • Save you time
  • Help you retain Master Trust Authorisation status
  • Give you peace of mind

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For a Master Trust AAF 05/20 assurance report you can rely on:

  • 1 Book a call to discuss your current situation.
  • 2 We will perform a gap analysis against the ICAEW AAF 05/20 TECH Release to identify what control activities are required and what you need to implement to finalise your AAF 05/20 Report.
  • 3 We will gather evidence, finalise the report, identity findings, and plan ahead for the next year’s report.

You shouldn’t have to miss out on new business or lose your Master Trust Authorisation status because of not having the right support

With the Master Trust AAF 05/20 assurance report, you will demonstrate you have strong internal controls that provides confidence that as a Master Trust you are covering all aspects to remain on the Master Trust list.