An expertly made Relevant Trustee AAF 02/07 Report that gives you confidence in your internal controls

Obtain a high quality pension assurance report that is seen and admired

Efficient process

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Timely service

Hire an expert to navigate you through the assurance reporting maze

Every proficient Trustee wants to show evidence that their internal controls are operating effectively and efficiently. We know that weaknesses within your internal controls can have detrimental impacts on the services you provide to your pension schemes and its members.

We get it, producing a Relevant Trustee AAF 02/07 Report can be a daunting task. On top of this, there is pressure from the Regulator to submit this report if you are on the Trustee Register.

At Assure UK, we believe you deserve a thorough, professional, and well-planned assurance report that transforms you from a place of having inconsistent controls to having fully robust controls with a strong AAF 02/07 report.


When working with Assure it feels like we are one big team.


AAF Audit was carried out efficiently and professionally by the whole Assure team from start to finish, with them all being accessible and extremely helpful during the project as and when required.


We wouldn’t get new business without having the AAF report and it’s such a good analysis of what we’re actually doing.

Trusted by some of the UK’s largest pension schemes

We understand the importance of demonstrating your strong internal controls – our team have extensive experience in providing an efficient and timely service that makes sure your organisations processes are seen and admired. We have provided external assurance and independent opinions to our clients on their control activities to prove they are operating effectively. What’s more, we work on fixed fees so you can be rest assured there won’t be any nasty surprises.

For almost two decades, we’ve delivered fixed-fee high quality assurance reports that...

  • Build trust and reassures clients
  • Save you time and money
  • Help you retain and win new contracts with ease
  • Give you peace of mind

Assure UK's Awards, Credentials and Registrations

How you can get an expert and efficient Relevant Trustee AAF 02/07 Report:

  • 1 Book a meeting to discuss your current situation.
  • 2 Perform a gap analysis against the ICAEW AAF 02/07 TECH Release to identify what control activities are required and what you need to implement to finalise your AAF 02/07 Report.
  • 3 Gather evidence, finalise report, identify findings, and plan ahead for next year’s report.

Acquiring an AAF 02/07 Report shouldn’t be a daunting task that causes you to lose out on opportunities

With the growing pressure to obtain an AAF 02/07, you don’t want to lose new opportunities by not having strong and effective controls in place.

Work with us to demonstrate that you have strong internal controls and provide confidence to your pension schemes and its members that as a Relevant Trustee, you are covering all aspects to manage your pension scheme effectively.