Client Listening Exercise – What did we learn?

 Assure UK recently posted about the client listening exercise we undertook which checked-in on our service levels and put us in a position to be better prepared to support our clients through their future challenges.

 We had no reason to think our clients weren’t happy but nevertheless, this was an important commitment to us and our continuous improvement agenda. We were very pleased to ratify our thinking and the feedback we received was largely positive.

Clients interviewed praised us for:

  • Our audit approach and adherence to timescales
  • Our friendly and approachable team
  • The way we advise clients on their own internal processes to improve efficiency
  • Our technical knowledge
  • Making clients feel valued and developing strong relationships
  • Comparing favourably to larger firms offering the same service

There were of course, some areas for development and these included being clearer with some of our language, making our marketing stand out, raising awareness of our wider offering, and being clearer on occasion about billing timescales.

All clients interviewed were classed as ‘promoters’ in Net Promoter Score terms, meaning they would be very likely to recommend us, or have already done so.

We reviewed the insight gathered as a team and planned how to amplify the positive messages, address any areas for concern and further develop our relationships with our clients. Next time, we’ll share how we are using the feedback both for the benefit of our business, and more importantly, our clients!