10 Ways to Impress your Customers

Here’s 10 ways to impress your customers.

1. Under Promise – Only make promises that you are sure you can keep. Allow plenty of time to complete assignments so that they are completed early. That way, clients will be impressed rather than disappointed.

2. Over Deliver – For new clients you need to ensure that you over deliver to gain trust and to establish the relationship.

3. Website – Ensure your website is always up to date and that information is easy to find. Ask a few different people to check it for content, clarity and navigation.

4. Gather Feedback – Log any feedback from clients and by acting on these issues, you will improve your relationship with your clients.

5. Know your clients – Install CRM software so that every member of your team can see every detail about clients and they can view correspondence and notes. This will ensure they know any history when a client calls.

6. Emails – Reply instantly to the client acknowledging receipt of the email and giving details of what will happen next (when they will be contacted, how, who by etc). Then solve the query as soon as possible but keep the client informed.

7. Internal Training – Train your staff so they know your business inside out. Whoever speaks to clients needs to know what they are talking about and where to direct any calls. The competency of your staff will be clear to your clients.

8. Telephone Manner – Write a script for answering the telephone to ensure that everyone answers in exactly the same way every time.

9. Hire the right people – Make sure you find the right person for the job and then train them in your firm’s procedures.

10. Go one step further – Encourage your team to “delight” clients. Reward them for thinking constantly of ways to improve the service and relationship to clients.

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